Regional and international Specialties

Sheer delight at the Lürzer Alm Restaurant

For your dining pleasure, the Lürzer Alm has left no stone unturned. After all, you have to keep up your energy level, otherwise high-performance skiing won’t mean anything. And later, when you take part in the après-ski partying, you will need a ‘good base’, as they say in the Austrian vernacular.

For us, having fun means vitality, inspiration, freedom. Our team loves to play and enjoys life, and we will share our vast experience with you in a creative way. And yes, sometimes you have to be willing to be daring and take a chance. But that’s just what makes it attractive.


Speise- und Getränkekarten


We love variety, think internationally, and appreciate a rich diversity of flavours. But we have to admit that there is one matter we are not cosmopolitan about: When it comes to fresh ingredients, we rely almost exclusively on responsible suppliers from the region – and this has been the case for over 40 years.


Unfortunately, even if we wanted to, we would be unable to prepare in-house every single delicacy that we serve to you. Our beers and wines, for example, are not made by us. That’s why at the Lürzer Alm Bar we have delicious Trumer Beer on tap, and we leave it up to our trusted purveyor, Doellerer, to supply us with fine wines.