Ski boots made to measure

Ski boot fittings in Obertauern

Everybody has annoying problems with ski boots. It can ruin all the fun of skiing: burning on the sole of your foot, feet that go numb and get cold, cramps, ankle pain, circulation problems, blisters, etc.

Freudenhaus ski boot fitting

The perfect fit

We customise our ski boots to give you a perfect fit:

  • Foot measuring and analysis by experienced staff
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Selection of the perfect boot designed for your type of foot and skiing style
  • Adjustment of ski boots from inside or outside
  • Just the right package with everything you need: Ski boots, socks and inlays

Boot fitting by Freudenhaus

Plusses at a Glance

  • Absolute control with a 100% perfect fit
  • Specific prevention of pressure sores
  • No cold, aching or burning feet
  • More comfort and skiing pleasure